What To Look Out For When Buying CBD Oil

CBD seems to be the biggest buzz word right now, however if you’re looking to try CBD for the first time, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many various options available, with brands offering seemingly identical products at different prices. I’ve therefore included the main areas of consideration below so you can make a careful decision and get optimal results.

Consumption Method

From gummies to coffee, topical creams to powders and lozenges, CBD seems to come in virtually every method nowadays.

Having said that, I would recommend starting with a CBD oil. I have found these have offered the best results. They’re also often full or broad spectrum, meaning you will find other cannabinoids present in the oil.

Remember to drop the CBD oil under your tongue and hold it there for 1-2 minutes. Many brands state you should do this for 20 seconds, but a number of studies have shown this isn’t long enough to yield the best results.

If you want something faster acting, you can alternatively consider vaping, which works almost instantaneously, however I personally prefer the oil.

Remember that even if you do opt for gummies, you should still place them under your tongue for a minute or two before swallowing. Most people eat it like a sweet, but it’s important to remember you’re

Flavoured Or Unflavoured

Not everyone likes the taste of CBD oil. In fact, scrap that, almost everyone hates the taste of CBD oil. I’m odd, because I absolutely love it, but I’m fully aware I’m in the minority.

If you’re not a fan of the taste, then you might want to opt for a flavoured version. The options are constantly increasing beyond your basic peppermint flavour, with options including apple, banana, orange, strawberry, cherry, chocolate and so many more.

I have found I get better results from the natural version, while the lab reports tend to be more favourable, so I’d say stick to an unflavoured version if you can handle the taste.

Reading The Lab Reports

Before you make a purchase, have a look for the lab reports. You want to find an up to date lab report for the specific product you’re ordering.

You need to check that it has the quantity of CBD they’re claiming, while you should also double check that it contains no pesticides or heavy metals.

The lab reports are often found on the product page, normally as a link through to a PDF file, however if you can’t find it, email the company and they should be more than happy to send it over. If they refuse to send you the lab report, don’t buy from them, as they have something to hide!

If you’re not sure how to read a lab report, check out my guide to certificates of analysis.

How Strong Should You Go?

Don’t look at the percentages, as this can cause confusion for some. For example, if it says 10%, you can only know how much CBD is present by knowing the size of the bottle and working out. Instead, the product should state the exact amount present.

Most people start off with a 500mg CBD oil, then complain that they didn’t see any results. I should know, I did the same. The reality is that I think if needs to be a minimum of 1,000mg of CBD, while my preference is a 1,500mg CBD tincture. Start off low and build up as you build up your tolerance levels.

Have you used a CBD oil before? Let us know in the comments below.


By Tom Bourlet 


Tom Bourlet runs the CBD blog CBD Sloth where he reviews various CBD products and tries to offer greater transparency on the industry. Winning Media of the Year at the Cannabiz Summit Awards, Tom’s blog has led him to being voted the 4th biggest influencer in the CBD industry by Influence.co.

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