The Big CBD Profile: ElleVet Sciences

A life-long love of both animals and science is how the founders of ElleVet™ Sciences came together in Portland, Maine, to form the nation’s premiere company, innovating science based, safe and effective hemp CBD+CBDA products for pets struggling with issues related to stress, mobility, skin issues and more.

ElleVet Sciences was founded in 2017 by Christian Kjaer and Amanda Howland, who decided to combine their science and animal health experience to lead the way in CBD+CBDA research.  They focused on science and clinical studies to create the best possible products to support pet health, utilizing a proprietary cannabinoid and terpene oil blend that is far and away the best CBD+CBDA product available.

Increasingly, pet owners are seeking to improve their companion animal’s quality of life through hemp products and cannabinoids. However, many cannabinoid products on the market are untested and of poor quality, leading to inaccurate dosing and ineffective results.

 The ElleVet Advantage: A Scientific Focus

The goal of ElleVet Sciences is to create standards and lead research around the use of cannabinoids and animals.  Howland and Kjaer were responsible for creating the company’s first partnership with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine to gather scientific data, better understand their proprietary formula of hemp CBD products, determine accurate dosing, and find out if cannabinoid treatments are truly effective.

ElleVet Sciences conducted the first double-blind placebo trial at Cornell, focusing on dogs with osteoarthritis and multi-joint discomfort. Published in 2018, the clinical trial resulted in more than 80 percent of participating dogs showing significant or dramatic improvement in joint comfort, mobility and quality of life while using ElleVet over dogs who took the placebo.

Dr. Joseph Wakshlag, professor of nutrition and sports medicine at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, conducted the pharmacokinetic study and the clinical trial.  In addition to his work at Cornell, Wakshlag has joined ElleVet Sciences as its Chief Veterinary Medical Officer.  He also serves as co-chair of ElleVet’s prestigious Advisory Board made up of scientists and veterinarians who are among the most prominent and leaders in the industry.

ElleVet recently completed a highly successful Atopic Dermatitis study, led by Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, with results that were extremely positive. This is a groundbreaking study as itching is one of the top reasons for veterinary visits and extremely difficult to manage.

Spearheaded by Dr. Wakshlag, ElleVet Sciences continues to invest in clinical research, with more than seven trials and several pilot studies underway.

The Name

The name ElleVet came about as a derivation of the word elevate. The goal was to create pet products that truly “elevate” the body and mind of animals to a state of feeling better and calmer, while also recognizing their important collaboration with veterinarians to develop these products.

The name quickly expanded to ElleVet Sciences because the founders wanted to assure potential customers that all of their pet products would be developed and brought to market based on thorough ground-breaking scientific research.

Kjaer is credited with developing the business strategy for ElleVet Sciences and positioning the company for its current success in a crowded hemp CBD (cannabidiol) market. A Copenhagen, Denmark native, Kjaer has ElleVet focusing on research-based products that deliver the best support for dogs and cats.

Howland, a native of Wenham, MA, by contrast, has a background in science and has been instrumental in developing ElleVet’s proprietary product formulation of a cannabinoid and terpene oil blend, including determining the successful CBD + CBDA formulation, as well as the company’s supply chain.

As a team, ElleVet Sciences features a wide array of talented professionals with backgrounds in science, medicine, business and veterinary medicine who have a dedication to animals through research and innovation.

The Products

In just four years, ElleVet Sciences has already introduced nine premium CBD+CBDA products to the public in four categories, with more products to be launched soon:


  •   Hemp CBD+CBDA Chews
  •   Hemp CBD+CBDA Soft Gels
  •   Hemp CBD+CBDA Oils 
  •   Calm & Comfort Situational Use Chews


Its product line contains 10 times the CBD + CBDA of competing hemp products, leading the pet industry in quality, potency and effectiveness. They also are the only hemp CBD+CBDA pet products in the industry proven for efficacy and safety.

To date, all ElleVet products are made in the USA with strict quality controls and rigorous lab testing. They have been approved by leading veterinarians and are carried by practices all over the country due to the high-quality and cutting-edge focus on scientific research. In addition, ElleVet products are recommended by pet parents, industry leaders and national media outlets.

The products have been so well received that ElleVet has grown dramatically. The company is a market leader measured both on science and revenue, while further inspiring their ongoing mission to create even more supplements that support the health of pets that bring love to so many.

The ElleVet Project 

A NonProfit, Helping Pets in Need

Since founding ElleVet Sciences, one of the original goals of Kjaer and Howland was to create a charitable branch of the company dedicated to giving back and helping animals in need.  That effort was launched in the summer of 2020 with the inaugural “The ElleVet Project,” a relief mission designed to provide much-needed veterinary care, food and supplies, free of charge, to the pets of the homeless and those impacted by COVID-19.

Traveling throughout California in a 38-foot RV nicknamed the “ElleVan,” the founders collaborated with city officials and municipalities to host a rotating team of compassionate and professional local veterinarians to provide free veterinary care throughout these turbulent times.  Community-focused sponsors donated supplies and assistance to the project.  Services included vaccinations, parasite prevention and treatment, deworming, skin treatment, infections and general wellness checkups.

The mobile relief effort, supported enthusiastically by a host of animal-loving Hollywood celebrities, lasted from May to mid-July and made stops in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Stockton, Modesto, and other parts of California and reached its goal of treating more than 1,200 furry friends.

Kjaer and Howland selected California to host the pilot program for The ElleVet Project due to the overwhelming number of homeless pet owners and street pets. It was such a success that ElleVet is now developing upcoming “ElleVan” mobile relief outreach efforts in other cities throughout the United States. Sponsorship and partnership opportunities are available.

Celebrity supporters include Demi Moore, Jane Lynch, Sarah Paulson, Rumer Willis, Judy Greer, Amanda Schull, Mark and Julie Steines, Rich Eisen, Georgia May Jagger, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, Mark Mothersbaugh; along with dog influencers such as Norbert the Dog, Glee the Golden Retriever and Louie the Golden Retriever.

To see the ElleVet Project nonprofit efforts in action please visit the website at Their recent relief efforts video can be viewed at The ElleVet Project Trailer.   


For more information please visit or on social media at @Ellevetsciences on Facebook and Instagram.

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