Michael Walker on traceability of product and transparency

With CBD becoming more recognised for its associated natural benefits, it’s incredibly important to me that consumers are using the best quality products to really get the best out of them. Our brand ethos is based on traceability, transparency and trust and we are connected to every facet of the production process starting with the perfect growing locations based in the Netherlands, Canada, and the US.

I started Purity Hemp in 2015 after seeing the true benefits of high-quality CBD first-hand, and wanted to help others change their lives for the better in a natural way. With the number of CBD companies on the market increasing, I knew I had to create a product range that was fully traceable and invested in science so people could understand how it works in the body and by using technology that allowed us to extract and test to create what are now the purest, pharmaceutical grade CBD products on the market. This is what set us apart from a host of other brands in the growing market.

As the positive feedback continued from our customers regarding how our oils were changing their life’s and improving their health ailments, I wanted to develop CBD products that could easily be factored into a busy, modern lifestyle.  So, after 18 months of research and development we have created and introduced our teas and coffees collection to sit with our oils, edibles, and topical range that we are incredibly proud of.

Our Hemp and MCT Oils

Our organic 1000mg Hemp and MCT CBD oils are a perfect way to optimise your day, add clarity and focus to a routine or help tackle the challenges that many of our customers are facing today.

With a passion to improve life as nature intended, these organic cultivated hemp plants produce oils that have been awarded Gold Standard Accreditation for CBD Quality by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) in the USA – the world’s leading natural product and drug-testing protection for elite athletes and medical professionals which test for 496+ drugs on the WADA (World Anti- Doping Association) Prohibited List.  This was a huge achievement for the company, and it was true recognition of the hard work that goes into creating the purest, pharmaceutical grade CBD Oil’s on the market.

While there are hundreds of companies in the UK and thousands across Europe, we are in a very unique position as only 3 other companies have similar independent product validation and only the Purity Hemp Company has achieved this certification for our 10% Hemp and MCT Oils and Drug Free Certification for our Hemp Pain Relief products.

Caffeine and CBD

We took the best of both worlds and developed a CBD Coffee product that continues to help so many people start their day. This was an 1,800-month journey of research and development to finally create the perfect blend of organic Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD and perfectly roasted Arabica coffee which is now loved by 1,000’s every day.  We then applied the latest innovation within coffee sector to create the CBD Coffee Capsules that is compatible with Nespresso, one of the world’s leading domestic coffee machines and is another way to factor in the benefits of CBD in an extremely convenient way. Our coffee pods are fully recyclable to maintain our commitment to sustainability.

So, whether you are looking for the perfect start to the morning, in need of that afternoon boost of energy and focus or just need to sit back and chill out and take advantage of the benefits of a perfect blend of health and enjoyment, we have you covered.


About the author

Michael Walker, Founder and CEO of Purity Hemp entered the world of Hemp and Cannabis after watching the deterioration and then the death of his mother and closest friend as a direct result of addictive synthetic prescriptions (Opioids), followed then by the passing of his sister with cancer, Michael wanted to find an alternative option for treatment. Over the last decade, Michaels frustration and anger continued to fester as he lost more colleagues and friends to Opioid addiction and substance abuse which showed no distinction between age, gender or race.

It was at this point that he knew what he had to do, and more importantly, what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, deliver the message that controlled production and extraction of CBD products which was as important as the numerous wellbeing benefits that could now be proven.

Michael set out to create the Purity Wellness Group and introduce the Purity Hemp Company to the UK and European audiences in early 2016.  He wanted to create a brand that helped educate consumers on the use of CBD products and instil confidence in the results, while highlighting the importance of pure and high-quality products. Today, Purity Hemp Company are cultivating and preparing the highest quality CBD and Hemp-based products, grown with experience, and developed/formulated with passion across the Netherlands, Canada, and the USA.

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