Life Spark CBD – Born from real life experiences

I launched Life Spark CBD with my business partner Joanna in 2018 based on the health benefits we were gaining from CBD but also the huge challenge we faced in finding quality CBD products.

CBD as a miracle elixir

CBD is being heralded as a miracle elixir and for good reason.  All across the globe, people are experiencing health benefits that revive their lives. CBD is allowing people everywhere to be pain-free, calm when they used to have anxiety, and even re-regulate their sleep patterns to feel rested once again.

Unregulated industry

The UK CBD industry is unregulated and growing rapidly which means the quality and potency of available CBD products on the market varies significantly and labelling can be deceiving.  We wanted to offer a premium product with very clear labelling that would deliver the health benefits people need.

Life Spark CBD – 100% organically grown and THC Free and it Tastes Good!

We import our 100% Organically Grown, THC free CBD from the US which has led the world in the development of CBD and where millions of people benefit.  Unlike most other retailers of CBD products, Life Spark provides customers with very clear guidance and assistance in reaching the optimum dose for their needs – whether that’s pain management, stress, anxiety or sleep disorders.

CBD working synergistically with cancer drug

My own experience of using CBD has been nothing short of miraculous.  I was diagnosed with a blood cancer 17 years ago and put onto low dose daily chemo. I lived a very compromised life and was not told about the damage that also comes with long term chemo. I decided to investigate medicinal cannabis and travelled to a country where medical marijuana was legal.   In just 7 weeks, my bloods were completely normal for the first time in 12 years.  The cannabis was 50% THC, the part that gets one high and the part that is transformative with cancer, and 50% CBD.

Unfortunately the chemo had already damaged my body.  After a bone marrow biopsy, I received a new diagnosis of a second type of a blood cancer. After being off all drugs, I was reluctant to start on the only drug there is for this diagnosis, Ruxolitinib.  The drug is relatively new and many people find it stops working after 3 years.  This is where high dose CBD comes in.  I took 300mg of CBD each day along with the Ruxolitinib.  Today, 6 years later, I feel great.

With my diagnosis, it is common that people experience some level of pain, with CBD, I have had none.  My haematologist believes, due to the long-term success I am having with Ruxolitinib, that the CBD might be working synergistically with the drug.

CBD helps Joanna defy wheelchair prognosis

Joanna  was told at 23 that with the diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis she would be in a wheelchair by 30.  With Life Spark CBD, she is off all her prescriptions and her quality of life is superb, walking, dancing and jumping when inspired.

Are you ready to reclaim your health with Life Spark CBD ?

After miraculous turn-arounds, we were both convinced about the benefits of CBD. However, by exploring CBD as a viable treatment, we were shocked to find only 2 out of 6 CBD products we tried actually worked.  This became our inspiration and motivation to start Life Spark CBD, offering the very finest quality of CBD so other people have a fair shot at reclaiming their health too.

Life Spark CBD is a brand born out of real-life experiences.


By Amy Burgess, Director and Founder of Life Spark CBD 


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