GreenBox on how the market for CBD will evolve for years to come

We have been industry experts in CBD for four years, and it is incredible to see the progress the sector has made in such a short period of time.  CBD has gone from the plant-based backwaters to leading the conversation on what is next in the health and wellness movement.  While education around its potential continues to grow exponentially, its evolution is akin to that of a teenager, awkward, sometimes moody, and not entirely confident on what it wants to be when it grows up.   As a result, much like a helpful parent, patience is required to help CBD realize its full potential.  We offer our three thoughts on how we think CBD will evolve for years to come.


It is Still Early


At times it may seem like CBD is everywhere, buts its penetration remains quite low compared to its potential.  Why?  The US Farm Bill in 2018 made hemp farming legal across the US.  That is only two years ago!  The word cannabis still faces a stigma with the average consumer.  Most equate cannabis with the stoner culture they remember from High School.   The branding of CBD itself does not make it any easier, as to a lot of people those initials mean “central business district”.    Education on the potential for CBD is necessary, and at GreenBox as we engage consumers and they see the benefits, they buy more and pass on the message to others.   The stigma will fade as the message gets around.


More Research


How do we move the CBD industry forward?  The body of research on the benefits of CBD is limited, previously inhibited by regulatory hurdles.  So, this means there are not many claims that can be made about CBD.  But there are many companies who try to make unsubstantiated claims that it can help with tumours, which we personally find misleading.   However, the industry is conducting research, and study results verifying use cases for CBD will help promote this ingredient to more consumers.   As more research come out, we would expect larger companies to take notice of the potential for CBD in other consumer brands.


Big Brands are Knocking


The analogy often thrown about is the energy drink craze of the last decade.  Think Red Bull or Monster Energy.   Is CBD the next energy drink craze?  It could be.   Many of the larger consumer brands have created teams to look at CBD.  What is holding them back? The uncertainty around regulatory issues across countries and the ability to procure safe and shelf stable ingredients.  This will change as the industry matures, and as a supply of organically certified and tested CBD becomes more universally available to the large companies.   Which multi-national do you think will launch the first mass consumer CBD brand?


By Paul Gurney, co-founder of GreenBox


Brief Bio on GreenBox:

Stress, insomnia, and chronic pain, these are the scourges of the modern world.    The treatment of the last century was to medicate. We believe the long-term solution is to educate on the power of natural solutions.   Our company was founded by a stressed-out parent, looking for alternatives to prescription medications.   He discovered Mother Nature has gifted us with a wonderful array of powerful plants to help ease our minds, while providing support for immunity and reducing inflammation.  Our mission at GreenBox is to provide the best the plant world has to offer, each tried and tested by our founders.   Join the revolution.

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