Alexandra Dunhill reflects on the future of CBD

CBD, cannabidiol: This word has been on everyone’s lips this year as the new ingredient offering great promises in the beauty and food sectors. And the least we can say is that it is not about to end. Better, this is only the beginning.

From my perspective, the next ten years will see CBD booming in multiple categories, from cosmetics to food supplements, with a total market value expected to reach almost £1 billion by 2025. The retail sector will get stronger, mainly thanks to the novel food regulation coming into place that will bring confidence about the CBD molecule, supporting the security around it. That same regulation is what the market has needed for quite some time. Not all brands have their quality standards upfront nor choosing are they choosing their CBD suppliers for anything other than the low price of their ingredients. Now, you will be able to consume a CBD product you can trust.

Moreover, I personally think that the UK market is currently saturated with brands offering the same line of products: CBD oils, e-liquids or else. In my view, the ways of consuming CBD will get more and more diverse during the next decade: drinks, gummies, homeopathy and much more will get into the shops. What is important here is that it will increase the offers to consumers so that everyone finds their own way to consume CBD daily.

What will also become more and more important in the industry will be the use of other cannabinoids and terpenes. The CBG for instance, known as the mother of all cannabinoids, is one to keep an eye on thanks to a greater potency of action throughout the receptors of the body with many putative benefits known, ranging from anti-inflammatory action to pain relief. The terpenes as well are to my view important and that is why we use a broad-spectrum hemp extract as well in our products! They allow the cannabinoids to work together more effectively creating an entourage effect, i.e., a synergy between them. In that sense, I feel that CBD consumers, thanks to a proper education on CBD, will get keener on using these kinds of products in the coming years so that they can fully measure the effectiveness of the cannabinoids. What about you?

Alexandra Dunhill, founder of Lady A


About the author


Although CBD has been a buzz word for several years now, its advocates, and the legions of brands popping up around it, never quite seem to capture the essence of the marvellous hemp plant.

This lack of inspiration was precisely what motivated Alexandra to begin Lady A.

When you experience the finest cultivation and distillation of CBD – the healing, stress-alleviating properties are incredible. But Alexandra realized there’s even more to wellbeing than that.

So, she took the innumerable benefits, added fantastic scents, beautiful packaging and the mission of making women’s lives better, and created Lady A.

Now, she’s inspired. She thinks you will be too.

Using premium CBD hemp extract, natural botanical extracts and essential oils, Lady A makes a beautiful range of products designed to help alleviate the stresses, strains and worries of modern life.

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